Frequently Asked Questions

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General Home Questions:

What height are the ceilings?

Most homes will have 9 foot ceilings. Our loft-style floorplans, Stage and Studio, will have 17 foot ceilings on the first level!

Where are the heating and cooling units located?

Each individual home has their own heating and cooling unit! Typically, the heating and cooling units are located in the living area of the floorplans. Look for a square space in on your floorplan to quickly locate the HVAC system!

Will the heat be gas or electric?

All homes will have gas heat

Is there a water softener?

We have a full water softening system for both hot and cold water.

Will the apartment have a programmable thermostat?

Yes! Each home has a programmable thermostat to control the climate inside of your home.

I need an accessibility modification in my apartment. Who do I contact about this modification?

Please contact [email protected] for your modification requests! While we cannot guarantee every modification will be approved, we will work with you to ensure that your home is accessible for you.

Is the lighting recessed?

Lighting is recessed throughout the living area. If your home has a kitchen island/eating area, there are pendant light fixtures!

Will there be dimmer switches for the lights?

The light switches will not have dimmers

How will I access the building and my home?

You will be provided a key fob to access all community entrances and amenities. Your home will have a smart lock system to enter and exit your home! Your front door is keyless and requires a code to enter.

Kitchen & Bath:

What are the cabinet finish options?

Upper cabinets will be white and lower cabinets will be grey in every home.

What kind of appliances will be in the home?

We will have stainless steel appliances in each kitchen, including a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and gas range. Each home will have an individual washer & dryer.

Where will my microwave be?

Most microwaves will be mounted above your range. In select apartments, the microwave will be in the kitchen island with a drawer-style opening.

Is the refrigerator a double-door model?

The refrigerator is a single door with a lower freezer drawer with an ice maker in the freezer. Some floorplan types will have a french-door model – please contact us if you are interested in this particular style!

What material are the countertops?

Countertops are Quartz

Will the bathrooms have “standard” or “comfort height” toilets?

Toilets are comfort height in the apartment home at 17″

Are there safety bars in the shower?

Safety bars can be added as a resonable accomodation! Please contact us if you require safety bars in your shower. Installation and material fees may apply.

Parking & Storage

How much is parking per month?

Our indoor, climate controlled parking garage is $100 per month, per space.

Is parking assigned?

Parking is assigned prior to your move-in. Your assigned space will be just for you!

Can I choose my own parking space?

We will review the parking map together to determine what space is best for your needs based on what’s available at the time of applying.

Are there electric charging stations in the garage?

We will have a limited number of electric charging stations available. Please let us know at the time of your application if you will need an electric charging space!

Is there an area to wash my car?

We do not have a faucet and hose at Risor for washing cars. The nearest car wash is Jiffy Car Wash located on Excelsior Boulevard.

How much is storage per month?

Storage is priced at $30 per month!

What are the dimensions of the storage units?

Storage lockers will be 4’ by 5’

Is there bike storage?

Both levels of our parking garage will have fenced-in bike storage for you to lock your bike!

Television & Internet

How does internet work inside of the home?

Your home will come with internet equipment inside of your home from our internet provider, Quantum Fiber, and ready to go when you move in! You will open your camera and hover your smart phone over the QR code and create a name and password to finalize the internet setup.

The included speed for your home will be 200MPBS. You will have the option to log into your account to upgrade to 500MBPS ($25/mo.) or 940MPBS ($35/mo). 

Is the internet a shared network?

Our common areas and amenity spaces are a shared network. Your apartment home has its own private network.

Is there an option to add TV and home phone services?

Currently, there is no option to add any services to your internet package. You can, however, choose to go through a streaming provider like Spectrum, Xfinity, or DirecTV to be set up with a streaming-cable option that could include VOIP service if you desire a home phone.

Can I mount televisions to the wall?

Absolutely! If you require assistance, you can submit a maintenance work order and a member of our maintenance team will help install your mount for your TV. 

Where will there be auxillary TV outlets?

may beNo auxillary outlets will be available, but your internet service will make streaming your favorite channels a breeze! Additionally, we partner with providers like DirecTV using their Gemini device to offer you the same experience Cable offers with the bonus of streaming apps all on one remote! Other options may be available through Xfinity, Spectrum, and more that offer streaming very similar to a typical cable TV box.

Balconies & Patios

What are the dimensions of the balcony?

Balcony sizes will vary by floorplan. Our standard balcony is approximately 9′ x 4′

Will there be outlets outside?

Select apartment balconies will have outlets. Please ask us if your desired apartment has an exterior outlet and we will be happy to find out!

Can I have a grill on my balcony?

Grills are not permitted on personal patios. Feel free to use the outdoor kitchen by the pool on the 1st floor of the community.

My patio is on the first floor. Can I use my patio door as a main entrance to my apartment?

Unfortunately due to city code, we are unable to have exterior locks on the 1st floor walk-out apartments. Your patio will lock from the interior and you will have a sidewalk designated for your home.


What pet amenities do you offer at Risor?

We have a pet wash and plenty of sidewalks to take your furry friend on a stroll!

Are there pet fees?

Upfront on or before move in, there is a $300 deposit, a $200 non-refundable fee. Pet rent is billed at $50 per month per pet.

How many pets are allowed per Apartment?

Maximum of 2 pets per home!

Do you have any dog breed or weight restrictions?

We do not! Your furry friend is welcome to call Risor of Maple Grove home regardless of shape or size!

Will pet waste be a problem outside at the community?

We hope that all pet owners at Risor clean up after their animals. For reassurance, we use a DNA verification system to help identify and fine pet owners that do not pick up after their pets to help us curb unwanted pet waste from being at the property! 


What equipment will be in the fitness center?

Our fitness center will have cardio equipment, free weights, weight machines, and a yoga area – a little bit of everything to get a quality workout from the comfort of your own home! Specific equipment includes:

    • Treadmills
    • Spin Bikes
    • Ellipticals
    • Dumbells
    • Yoga mats
    • Mirror self-guided fitness
    • Weighted resistance training system
Are amenities included in the rent?

All amenities are included in the rent.

Does management host resident activities or events?

We do! We host regular resident events to keep you as engaged with the community as you would like! As the property opens, our Experience Coordinator will ensure activities are scheduled including one property-hosted event per week and resident-lead interest groups as frequently as desired. If you have requests for specific groups or events, please email [email protected]!

Is the pool heated?

Yes. Typical temperature for the pool will be between 80-82 degrees, but may change depending on pool license requirements.

How deep is the pool?

The pool is 3’ at the shallowest end and is 5′ at the deepest.

How deep is the spa?


Will you have equipment for me to exercise in the pool?

As we get closer to opening, we will evaluate what pool needs there are and purchase equipment accordingly! We welcome your suggestions on any equipment you’ve used in the past that has made your pool activities enjoyable.

What are the hours for the amenities?

Our Fitness Center and Community Room will be available 24/7. The remaining amenities are open from sun-up to sun-down, but may be changed if warranted by the community or for special events!

Are there community grills?

Yes! We will have two grills on the outdoor patio on level three. These are first-come-first-served, except for special events and reservations.

Can I reserve amenities?

Yes, please contact us with the dates and spaces you would like to reserve for any special events and gatherings. We require a $150 deposit, which is refundable so long as you clean up after yourself. There will be a rental fee for major holidays for the community spaces.

Do you have a guest suite for my visitors to stay in?

Yes! We have a rentable Air BnB style suite for your family to enjoy while they stay with you. It is $150 per night and is rented first-come-first-served. Please contact the office to reserve for your guests!